With Christ as the Cornerstone, what Assistance is needed from a Network of care to help people escape poverty?

Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network is a Christian network of churches, ministries, corporations, agencies, schools, law enforcement, other caring individuals all working together to provide the components needed to transform lives from poverty to purpose.


Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network was formed in 1996 to build teams to rebuild lives. Collaborative initiatives are formed that team together the efforts of churches, ministries, agencies, businesses, schools, law enforcement, foundations and individuals across Tulsa County. More than 193,000 tangible assistance needs have been met through more than 340 partnering organizations.

Areas of Ministry


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North Tulsa Youths, Adult Facilitators & Families in Need
CALL: 918-583-3670
Summer-Long Leadership Camp For North Tulsa Kids Rides Again!
Summer-Long Leadership Camp For North Tulsa Kids Rides Again!
Furniture To Families
Cornerstone Assistance Network formed Furniture To Families to help local churches provide furniture to families in need.